Mac 'n' Cheese

Mac 'n' Cheese

Gijs van kooten colorbleed macncheese poster 01 1024x576

Promotional image

Gijs van kooten attachment2312

I did all the environmental work, mostly in Zbrush

Gijs van kooten dfgdfggdfdfgdfg
Gijs van kooten dfgdfghfghfgh

The dam in Zbrush and the dam in the final film

Gijs van kooten dsfdfsgsd

The environment I made for the spiral shot

Gijs van kooten dfgdfgdfgfgd

One of our first rendering/shading tests

Gijs van kooten colorbleed studios shot05 0003

Still from the film

Gijs van kooten shot08 0008 1024x576

Still from the film

Gijs van kooten shot04 0049 1024x576

Still from the film

Mac 'n' Cheese

My graduation film in 2011. Made with the talented Tom Hankins, Guido Puijk and Roy Nieterau. This video going viral opened a lot of doors for all of us.

Tom Hankins and Roy Nieterau run Colorbleed Studios:
Guido Puijk now runs Studio Plumeau:

More artwork
Gijs revvels van kooten bea hero v01Gijs revvels van kooten mae hero v07Gijs revvels van kooten gregg hero v02